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9 open jobs at BidSwitch based in Moscow on the Engineering & Modelling team

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Responsibilities:Developing complex and highly interactive web-based GUI;Participating in design and code review;Writing automated tests to ensure high quality of work;Developing and maintaining the components library;Managing versions of core libraries with associated documentation.Required Qualifications:Good knowledge and proven experience in core JavaScript, Typescript, and CSS;2+ years experi...

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Typical tasks:Setup of the new production projects using puppetized configurations, open source and our private in-house software and cloud or dedicated hosting environments;Manage databases, mostly MongoDB sharded clusters;Participate in the development of configuration management and monitoring infrastructure;Participate in architecture design of new software components or their parts;Maintain s...

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Our team works with BSW UI application and builds a design system around the whole project. We are the core of all technology improvements for python practice over the BidSwitch. Moreover, we are responsible for new business features’ delivering and we actively collaborate with products.Key responsibilities:Develop multipale complex with highly responsive APIsIntegrate with internal and external...

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We are looking for developers to join our business logic development team. You will be responsible for building (and testing) high-load (30k RPS), high-performance, failproof services that make real-time decisions on selling and buying advertisement online. We write code in Lua – a compact script language, that is easy to learn and develop code with, yet as fast as C++ in production.Key Responsi...

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IPONWEB is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to join our Reliability Team to prevent failures and improve the system.Responsibilities:run our infrastructure with Puppet and Terraform;make monitoring and alerting alert on symptoms and not on outages;automate routine operations: capacity management, software deploys, disaster recovery;design, build and maintain core infrastructure pieces that ...

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We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer who is ready to play a key role in the development and support of corporate web services. Our systems are built in modern Python and Java platforms. Our team works on Identity and Access Management, Permission Management, and Data Integration. We support some mission critical services so we pay a lot of attention to testing, code review and inter...

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We are looking for QA to join the UI team that develops complex and highly interactive web based GUI. Our web application aimed to set up advertising campaigns. There are a bunch of settings splitted up to individual cards. In order to effectively interact with the system, we develop interactive components, charts and plots, runtype validation, server based validation, integration with 3d-party se...

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Key Responsibilities:Talk to Google and Amazon, for us to know about new useful staff, and for them to know about our problemsHelp to design our systems using cloud services, both proactively and on team’s requestsAnswer complex cloud-related questions (by own expertise, experiments, relaying questions to the providers)Optimize our cloud usage. Reservations, commitments, instance types, regions,...

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IPONWEB is an AI, data & engineering company. We solve complex challenges around building real-time advertising platforms at scale. We excel in the challenging applications of real-time decision-making, yield management, algorithmic optimisation, big data processing and machine learning technologies to solving business problems.Key Responsibilities:Lead a team of software engineers – mentori...

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BidSwitch Overview

BidSwitch is focused on continually pushing the boundaries on what programmatic advertising can do. Engineered by IPONWEB, BidSwitch was created to help programmatic technology companies meet the challenges and redundancies produced by the rapidly expanding global real-time ecosystem. As a company, BidSwitch is completely neutral and never takes a position on media. We are focused on solving the underlying technical complexities and inefficiencies that hamper platform interconnectivity and trading at the infrastructure level.

Today, BidSwitch facilitates more than 350 supply and demand technology partners globally to connect and trade media across the display, mobile, native, video, TV, DOOH and VR ecosystems — all via a single standardised integration. By integrating with BidSwitch, partners* can instantly access hundreds of platforms through normalised protocols. The unique myBidSwitch UI includes features that make maintaining, optimizing and customizing relationships between supply and demand fast and easy.

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