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Integration Engineer Ii

Xandr / Pennsylvania / Engineering & Modelling
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Job Overview

You will be working on the Platform Tools team as an Integration Engineer (IE). The Platform Tools team enables our global user base to get the most out of the Xandr Platform by creating reliable internal open source tools and APIs that automate and make users more efficient.

Individuals on the team create and contribute to tools based on the following mandates:

- Create solutions for all global Customer Success teams that address shortcomings between the Xandr products and the day to day work that Customer Success needs in order to provide excellent service to our clients.
- Solutions must be built reliable and maintainable following Engineering best practices.
- Solutions must be documented and easy to use.
- When possible, our tools should be "internal open-source" for other teams to make their own contributions.
- We will interface with existing Engineering or Product teams to collaborate on possible solutions that we may be creating.

The Platform Integrations team also will work with other Integration Engineers on our Platform Integrations team who are the technical owner of essential server-to-server real-time integrations on the Xandr platform.

What a typical day working on the team might look like:

You finish creating a tool in Python to automate a process that took members of our Client Success team or clients more than 2 hours to complete on their own manually.

You then check your code in via Git to our Bitbucket repository and then open a Pull Request. Someone on our team reviews your code, approves it, and you then merge it to the master branch. Our CI/CD processes then run the tests that you have created alongside your code when you were following Test-Driven Development (TDD) principals, and then build a Docker image for you with all of your changes to the codebase.

Now that you have a built docker image, you then use the Kubernetes Command Line Tool (kubectl) to apply your build to our production environment, and then create an internal release note letting folks know about your new tool that saves them time and makes them more efficient in their jobs

Integration Engineers must have solid IT and engineering skills, customer-service mindset, and system-level understanding of how platforms interact with each other. Because each tool or need is unique, it’s essential for the Integration Engineer to be able to learn fast, figure out complex systems with or without documentation, and see how each component serves the needs of Xandr or our clients:

  • A quantitatively oriented bachelor's degree or relevant experience.
  • Proficiency in Python 3 and preferable experience in one or more scripting programming languages such as web programming (HTML/JavaScript/CSS), PHP, Java, Scala, C++, C, etc.
  • Experience with SQL and the knowledge of RESTful APIs, command line usage.
  • Preferable experience in following Test-Driven Development (TDD) principals when creating your code.
  • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Versatile, with excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to see how integrations fit within larger systems.
  • Preferable experience in process creation, product rollout, product testing, user experience, and/or cross-functional collaboration.

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