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Job Overview

  • Ecosystem Understanding – After 6 months an associate trader should be able to understand broadly the varying differences of the digital ecosystem, i.e. Agencies, Vendors, and where MiQ sits within it.
  • Standard Trading – After 6 months, I’d expect a trader to be able to comfortably set up and trade Display & Video campaigns that they are giving. Within the first 6 months, it’s expected that a trader has exposure to several KPIs thus far, and they have the ability to innovate and figure out anything that hasn’t been thrown their way utilizing resources and historicals.
  • Financial understanding – Maintains strong pacing, performance, profit, retention on a portfolio to keep up with national and regional goals
  • Product Knowledge – Associate Traders are expected to understand the topline products that MiQ offers, as well as the internal products that MiQ uses to maintain campaign performance. This includes but is not limited to Jarvis, AiQ, SRS, AMAP, AiQx.
  • Internal/external communication – Is it now expected of traders to be client-facing. Within six months, traders are expected to be working in-sync with sales teams to figure out who should be responding to what, as well as, taking initiative to trader specific client asks. It is also expected for a trader to be able to understand Media IQ’s elevator pitch.
  • Relationship/teamwork – As well as being able to communicate externally, it’s important for there to be a trust around a trader from across the office. Healthy relationships are expected, no matter whom you have to work with; Sales, Client Services, Solutions, Ad Ops, etc.
  • Adaptability: Being a Media IQ value, this company is always changing. As we begin to shift our message or product, a trader is expected to be near the front line of change. As well as going with the flow, it’s expected that trader help lead the way via innovation and strategy
  • Innovation: Similar to above, traders are expected to be along the front line of change and innovate along as we progress as a company
  • Maintains a 95% retention rate
  • Agency Growth – Ability to grow at least one agency to grow campaign and advertiser volume
  • Incremental growth on current campaigns
  • Personality Traits

    Attention to detail – be able to dig into deep data sets and make sense of the numbers to provide information for a client

    Good with basic numbers and formulas – A lot of calculations to be a trader – need to be able to think about slicing and dicing formulas to answer a variety of questions

    Technical – Traders work in multiple platforms all day long, which require nimbleness and understanding of more than the average trader

    Logical – A lot of information in this industry is quite logical but needs a brain that can connect A to Z

    Analytical – Understanding how all the different numbers connect, Thinking outside of the box

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    We’re MiQ, a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies. Our better connected approach to programmatic advertising means we can connect data, discover insights and activate them in high-performance campaigns to deliver real business outcomes for our clients in an increasingly divided world. Making the most of your data is complex. You need to connect all your first party data, enhance it with the right second and third party data, analyse it with data science technology and resources, then use the insights you gather to build creatives with the right messages and target them to the right audiences with expert programmatic trading. We connect the right people, industry partnerships, and technology in a complete programmatic stack so we can solve your precise business challenges by maximising the value of your data.

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